Yu Bakery started in Brooklyn, NY where a diverse and exciting food culture inspires our mission to share these delicious, baked YuPuffs with everyone we can. The founders, Daniela and Kurt, met in NYC, and quickly realized they shared a passion for authentic food.


Daniela brought many recipes from her native Brazil, while Kurt (the son of a German immigrant) always enjoyed exploring new cultures through food.  They had so much fun making and sharing their YuPuffs with their friends that they decided to take a chance and start a bakery.


Yu Bakery was born!




YuPuffs are a simple, fun, and healthy snack food that is so delicious that you can eat a whole bag!  They are also great with soups, sandwiches, and crumbled on salads as crutons.


We are excited to share this little known, but very popular snack food from Brazil.  We love foods made from yuca (cassava), because it is naturally Gluten Free, Non GMO and grown sustainably in many parts of the world.