We met in Brooklyn, NY, and quickly realized we shared a passion for Good Food. Dani had the recipes from her native Brazil, Kurt’s German ingenuity hooked up a commercial oven in his workspace, and yubakery was born.

It took some time and plenty of gatherings with friends and family to make yupuffs a reality. With encouragement, we decided to share our unique yuca (cassava) snacks with anyone we could. Fortunately, yupuffs are simple, and the ingredients are real, so we could let our puffs do all the talking. It was so much fun meeting people through food.
Yubakery was going places, and it needed a proper kitchen. It was a big, new world when we moved to an incubator kitchen with other food entrepreneurs. We learned so much about the business of food and met so many people who had that same passion for food. During this time, we met people who helped us get into our first grocery stores and the world of wholesale business. We also added yubuns (Brazilian-style cheese bread) to the menu.

Yubakery grew again from pop-up markets and weekend festivals to grocery stores and online sales.
It was time to move again. With a bit of luck and some help from friends, we found a small production facility in historic Red Hook, Brooklyn. Every transition brings new challenges; yubakery is looking forward to meeting them with resilience, a wink, and a smile.



Yupuffs are a simple, fun, and healthy snack food that is so delicious that you can eat a whole bag!  They are also great with soups, sandwiches, and crumbled on salads as crutons.


We are excited to share this little known, but very popular snack food from Brazil.  We love foods made from yuca (cassava), because it is naturally Gluten Free, Non GMO and grown sustainably in many parts of the world.